Oxygeneo for the Face & Back

Breakthrough Oxygeneo technology promotes youthful complexion by treating the skin at a deeper level. Get the benefits of microdermabrasion, a chemical peel, while boosting skin oxygenation from within. Expect deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation.

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Super Facial

Allow 60 minutes $190

Expect deep extractions to remove blackheads and blemishes, ultrasound to infuse serums deeper into the skin than by hand. If you like microdermabrasion you will love this super facial. This treatment is suitable for all skin types. This facial uses patented OxyGeneo technology for that unparalleled boost of nourishment to the skin, exfoliation and oxygenation.

Add Oxygeneo Exfoliation only to a Facial $75

Super Back Facial


For the ultimate cleansing and detoxifying back treatment. This is a deeply exfoliating back facial, uses activated bamboo charcoal to balance and mattify the skin, clear clogged pores toxins and bacteria. It will also help even out skin tone and brighten. Extractions included.