Hi! I'm Kim,

Thanks for dropping in. Welcome to Kleanse!

At Kleanse, I help my clients achieve their skincare goals with tested, effective and ethically sourced products, and treatments that truly make a difference.

I'm always on the look out for new techniques, and products, and study them thoroughly on behalf of my clients. I'm energized when I can bring in something new.

My heart is full at Kleanse!

Kleanse allows me to meet new people from all walks of life, which I truly enjoy. I hope to meet you soon.

Expect a calm, relaxing, clean, modern space, soul soothing music, heated beds, a big smile, and a warm heart. Everyone is welcome here. You might even fall asleep.

The habits I started Kleanse with, almost ten years ago now, continues - it is a recipe that's tried, true and resilient.

How I got here...

I've always had a passion for skincare. When I ended my performing arts life in ballet, I decided to study skincare. I applied the habits of professional dance to hone my skills at a well known Vancouver spa for four years. I gained valuable and memorable experiences there, which has taken me to open Kleanse Spa Bar in September of 2012 in the neighborhood of Arbutus, then moved to Oakridge and now in Granville Island.