About Kim

Kim believes the secret to making you glow from head to toe is to be kind to your body, mind and spirit. Kim only uses effective and ethically sourced products in her spa. She quiets your mind by providing a calm and relaxing environment that lull you to sleep. Her services are performed in a clean and modern space; tranquil music calms the senses and Kim's heated bed offers that added comfort for rest. And for the spirit, she melts your stresses by uniquely intertwining massages into her facials. She uses time not only to clean and pamper your skin, but to melt your heaviness away. This small yet capable facial spa in the Kitsilano community is excited to welcome you. Come spend an hour in heaven!

Her Journey
Kim has always had a passion for skincare. She honed her skills while working at a well known Vancouver Spa for four years. She gained valuable and memorable experiences there, which has taken her to open Kleanse Spa Bar in September of 2012. She loves making people glow from head to toe. She also loves meeting new people from all walks of life.